Township Responsibilities


The Bethel Township Road Department is responsible for the care of the TownshMarkerip’s roads including maintenance, repair and snow and ice control. The State of Ohio and Miami County are responsible for major thoroughfares and state routes traveling through the Township.




The Bethel Township Fire Department addresses the emergency medical and fire suppression needs of the Township. The Department also participates in inspection and fire prevention activities.






The Bethel Township Road Department is responsible for all public cemeteries in the Township including Bethel West, Bethel East, West Charleston, Honeycreek and Saylor. Bethel West and West Charleston are the only active cemeteries in the Township. Click for a map of Bethel Township’s cemeteries.

Zoning & Planning

The Planning and Zoning Director regulates the use of land and buildings through the Bethel Township zoning code.

Economic Development

Bethel Township Economic Development activities are monitored by the Township Administrator. The Administrator works to achieve the Township’s goals of quality development and controlled expansion.