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Welcome to Bethel Township

Located in the southeast corner of Miami County Ohio, Bethel Township was established in 1807.School

Charged with responsibility for the health, safety and welfare, Bethel Township responds to the needs of its residents and businesses with a commitment to Quality of Life, Planned Growth and Dedication to Community.

Meeting Notices

  • Trustee Meeting
  • Board Of Zoning Appeals
  • Zoning Commission

Meeting Notice

The Land Use Meeting for tonight 05-31-2023 has been cancelled. We appoligize for any inconvenience.          

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Agendas for meetings will be posted 24 hours prior to meeting time.

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The Bethel Township Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) will meet in regular session on May 25, 2023 at 6:30pm to hear the following cases:

Case: CU-05-23   A request from Blandy Enterprises located 5576 SR 202, Tipp City, Oh 45371, to operate a “Health and Wellness” center.  A 60.35-acre parcel currently zoned A-2.  Miami County parcel ID # A01-07185.

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The Bethel Township Zoning Commission (ZC)will meet in regular session on May 25, 2023 at 7:30pm to hear the follwoing case(s):

Case ZA-04-23:  A request from Katherine Ward at 731 E. First Street, Dayton, Oh 45402, to re-zone Miami County parcel# A01-040000 located at 4709 US E. RT 40, Tipp City, Oh 45371.  This parcel is currently zoned R-1AAA, and A-2. Requesting a zoning amendment to make the entire parcel A-1.


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