Bethel Township Launches Open Checkbook

Bethel Township is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the State Treasurer's Office to offer more fiscal transparency with the Ohio Open Checkbook Progarm. Staff has worked to upload all of our expendatures for the last 3 years onto the site. Please take a monent to check it out by clicking the link on the left.

Welcome to Bethel Township

Located in the southeast corner of Miami County Ohio, Bethel Township was established in 1807.School

Charged with responsibility for the health, safety and welfare, Bethel Township responds to the needs of its residents and businesses with a commitment to Quality of Life, Planned Growth and Dedication to Community.

Meeting Notices

  • Trustee Meeting
  • Board Of Zoning Appeals
  • Zoning Commission

The Bethel Township Trustees will meet in regular session on July 9, 2019 at 7:00pm in the Trustee Meeting Room.

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Agendas for regular meetings will be posted 24 hours prior to meeting time.

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The Bethel Township Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) will meet on June 27, 2019 at 6:30pm to hear the following cases:

Case: V-04-19/V-05-19: A request from Opel Cole, 7755 E St. Rt. 571, Tipp City OH 45371, (David Dysinger, Trustee) and Caleb Runkle, 6020 Dayton-Brandt Rd., to allow for two parcels less than two acres for the purpose of selling a part of the parcel to the neighbor to the north. The Runkle parcel to the north (6045 Dayton-Brandt Rd. - .7121 acres) requires a variance for a parcel less than two acres as part of this property line change. The added piece will create a .8415-acre parcel for the Runkles and leave a 1.2620-acre parcel for the Coles. The small parcel being split from the Cole parcel must be joined to the Runkle parcel. This change allows for the Runkles to build an attached garage on the south side of their residence. Miami County Parcel ID #: 7755 St. Rt. 571: A01-060600/6045 Dayton-Brandt Rd.: A01-060700.

Case: V-09-19: A request from Nick and Katie Aspidow, 6845 Studebaker Rd., Tipp City, OH 45371, to allow two accessory buildings to remain in place, which will position them in front of the modular home planned to be moved to the back parcel (A01-081720). The modular home will be placed on a permanent foundation. The Bethel Township zoning resolution calls for accessory buildings to be behind the front line of the residence. The properties are identified as Miami County Parcel ID #A01-082300 (R-1AAA) and A01-081720 (A-2).

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The Bethel Township Zoning Commission (ZC) will not meet for the month of June as no cases were filed for their review.

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